Global Fashion Conference will underline its commitment to promoting a sustainable development model

  • It will be held from 17 to 18 November in an online format

On 17 and 18 November, The Global Fashion Conference, or GFC, will hold a new online edition, highlighting the industry’s commitment to promoting a sustainable development model in the fashion world.

This year – 2022 – GFC has partnered with Akademie Mode & Design (AMD) – Hochschule Fresenius – University of Applied Sciences. AMD offers training programs in fashion, design, media, communication, and management which are all internationally certified. AMD focusses on motivating, and providing support for, business-oriented youth. This strategy encourages students to produce ideas for sustainability in the world of fashion and design. Students are able to become change makers in this creative industry.

From 2008-2018 this conference was held every other year and was generally partnered with a university that did work in fashion research. Since 2020 this has shifted to an annual conference.

GFC is a place not only for those who work within the world of fashion, but rather anyone in conversation with the study and analysis of fashion. This ranges from researchers in academia related to fashion as well as innovated companies in fashion.

The goal of sustainable fashion is necessary for our environment, and to reach sustainability, we need innovation. The foundation of GFC is built on the concept of innovation in each sector of the fashion system. This conference takes an interdisciplinary approach and acknowledges all necessary components including Politics, International as well as National Law, Business, Entrepreneurial initiatives (with a focus on R&D and New Technologies), Financial Systems, and Education.

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