Fundación Mediapila, the argentine organisation that offers textile training to women in a situation of social exclusion

Being a woman and being poor in Latin America is one of the most difficult scenarios one can face.  In Argentina, there is a non-profit organization that promotes the labour inclusion of women who live in this situation.

Fundación Mediapila, for 15 years, has been dedicated to helping women from the most precarious socio-economic situations access the world of work. These women come from backgrounds marked by inequality, violence and a lack of opportunities.

The foundation has developed a model that specifically focuses on textile and technology skills training. At the same time, it offers tutoring in personal growth, helping to strengthen students’ confidence and increase their self-esteem.

Currently, Mediapila helps 300 women per year. They all live in some of the poorest areas of the city, and are burdened on a daily basis by running their homes and desperately trying to earn a living and improve their lives through work.

“We seek to reduce the level of unemployment amongst women in situations of socioeconomic instability and create a society where women and men have equal opportunities for decent work” – Natalia Stanchi, Institucional Manager.

Production area and circular economy

In the production area we make textile products with high social impact, and we develop a fair, responsible and sustainable work chain with great added value.

  • Social

The production area functions as a «school workshop», in which women perfect their technical tools and gain work experience. It is an opportunity to gain work and financial independence.

  • Environmental

The production chain is environmentally responsible. All leftover fabric or materials are reinserted into the training area or sent to family workshops to be reused.

  • Circular Economy

Producing with Mediapila means betting on a fair and responsible chain of work, and helps us to continue training more women.

How to help

Donate with Paypal and support Latin American women. You can also subscribe and donate every month.

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