• The Finnova Foundation participates, together with the Bogota Chamber of Commerce and the Peruvian Fashion Cluster, in the initiative «Sustainability in the Fashion sector for its internationalisation».
  • This training initiative is part of the Triangular Cooperation Programme of the European Union with Latin America and the Caribbean ADELANTE 2, which aims to promote triangular partnerships for innovative initiatives with a strong impact on the 2030 Agenda.

The free online course on sustainability in the fashion sector for its internationalisation, which aims to transfer knowledge and best practices, will start next Tuesday 31 January. With a duration of 50 hours in virtual sessions to be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 13h00 to 16h00 CET, the online course is carried out in the framework of the initiative «Sustainability in the fashion sector for its internationalisation», in which the Finnova Foundation participates, and which has been developed with resources from the European Union’s Adelante 2 Call for Proposals.

The training will be divided into different thematic areas. First, it will begin with the block «Sustainability in the Fashion Sector» focusing on circular economy and eco-design, environmental management (water and energy) and new materials. The second block will focus on «Brand, Image and Strategy», and will explain brand strategies, projection and recognition with examples of success stories. Finally, the course will end with the block «Internationalisation from sustainability» focusing on the search for markets, access to resources and success stories.

This course will be certified by the EAN University for which a minimum attendance of 80% of the scheduled sessions is required and is part of the Triangular Cooperation Initiative jointly developed by the Chamber of Commerce of Bogota, Finnova Spain and the Sustainable Fashion Cluster of Peru.

To attend this free course register here.

Sustainability in the fashion sector for its internationalisation initiative. The Finnova Foundation, the Bogota Chamber of Commerce and the Sustainable Fashion Cluster of Peru have joined forces to carry out the initiative Sustainability in the fashion sector for its internationalisation. This initiative, which runs from September 2022 to April 2023, seeks to share the knowledge of the entities of the Alliance to develop and apply models to support companies in the fashion sector, characterised by the promotion of sustainable production that meets the highest international standards.

This will close the gaps in the fashion sector in Bogota and the 59 municipalities in the jurisdiction of the Bogota Chamber of Commerce (CCB) for internationalisation towards European markets. To this end, it has a total budget of 182,696 euros, of which 130,721 are provided by the European Union and 51,975 come from the counterpart of the triangulation entities.

In order to approach the programme from different perspectives, ADELANTE 2 has different components: Operational support to articulate the European Union-Latin America and the Caribbean Triangular Cooperation ADELANTE Window; analytical support to develop the analysis and studies of Triangular Cooperation together with the Ibero-American General Secretariat; and, finally, institutional support to develop bilateral Triangular Cooperation funds between the EU and certain Latin American and Caribbean countries.  In this way, the programme can meet the Sustainable Development Goals to leave no one behind thanks to Triangular Cooperation.

Among other actions, over the coming months, a mapping of certifications and environmental sustainability seals will be carried out through the transfer of European and regional best practices. In addition, awareness-raising, training and business missions will be carried out for the benefit of companies in Bogota and Peru to strengthen the capacities of the Alliance’s member teams. These actions are focused on achieving greater impact, transfer and scalability of the knowledge generated.

To this end, the following activities are planned:

  • Knowledge transfer workshop between officials of the Triangular Cooperation Alliance entities.
  • Seminar for the presentation of the Initiative to the different stakeholders.
  • Training course for entrepreneurs and stakeholders in the fashion sector in Bogota and the region.
  • Study visit to Peru by 10 companies from Bogota and the 59 municipalities in the CCB’s jurisdiction, in order to learn about success stories and interact with companies in the fashion sector that, thanks to sustainability and innovation, have been able to access new markets at the international level. We will provide information on the selection criteria in future opportunities.
  • Study visit by 5 companies from Bogota and the 59 municipalities in the jurisdiction of the CCB, and 5 companies from Peru to Spain, in order to meet and interact with companies and actors that promote sustainability, innovation and cooperation.

Holding of an International Sustainability Congress in Bogota, scheduled for April 2023.

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