“Being Fashionable is expensive”

·         The UN makes us reflect on what it costs to be fashionable (not only economically).

·         Every second, the equivalent of one truckload of rubbish is buried or burned.

·         From the European project Textil4all, several activities will be carried out to contribute to this necessary change towards a more sustainable textile industry.

·         » It takes around 7,500 litres of water to make a single pair of jeans,  equivalent to the amount of water the average person drinks over a period of seven years.»

An article published by the UN (United Nations) «The environmental cost of being fashionable», analyses the impact of «being fashionable», not only in economic terms but, above all, in terms of its environmental consequences. Aware of this, the European project Textil4all seeks to promote a more sustainable textile industry committed to the current environmental challenges.

When thinking about the most polluting industries, the first ones that come to mind are probably industries such as transport, energy or the food industry. On the other hand, it is surprising to think that the textile industry is the second most polluting industry in the world, according to the UN in its article. This is not the only fact that will make us reflect on the impact of fashion on our environment. Beyond using 7500 litres to make a pair of jeans, the fashion industry is responsible for 20% of the total global water waste. In addition, every second an amount of textiles equivalent to one truckload of rubbish is buried or burned, says the organisation.

On the other hand, taking into account that the dominant model in the sector is that of «fast fashion», full of constant changes of collections at low prices and which encourages us to buy and discard clothes frequently, we must be aware of each of the actions we take regarding the textile sector. Change is in our hands.

That is why, from Textil4all, several activities will be carried out that will contribute to bring about this change:

Firstly, through the development of 20 training modules on textile sustainability, employability and skills development for working in this industry. These will examine the current statistics of the industry and focus on raising awareness of the harmful impact of mass production.

The project will also identify stakeholders and organise events to create synergies and links between participants and the industry community in order to raise awareness of sustainability in the textile sector.

TEXTIL4ALL is committed to and promotes two main objectives: On the one hand, to give access to training and employment to social sectors facing difficulties, recognising their integral value in society. On the other hand, to promote a more sustainable textile industry committed to the current environmental challenges, facing issues such as «fast fashion» and its negative consequences.

TEXTIL4ALL is part of the European Erasmus+ programme, funded by SEPIE – Spanish Service for the Internationalisation of Education with a budget of 60,000 euros and a duration of 19 months. Led by Educación, cultura y solidaridad (Spain), the project counts with Envolve (Greece) and the FINNOVA Foundation (Belgium) as partners.

Join us in this mission to make the textile sector an engine for positive change.

About Educación Cultura y Solidaridad (ECyS)

Educación Cultura y Solidaridad is a non-profit association whose mission is to promote the integral development of people so that they can be the protagonists of their own history and collaborate in the construction of social issues, promoting participation and local development for a fairer and more inclusive society. To this end, it carries out actions of socio-educational intervention with people and groups with greater difficulty of inclusion, promoting their empowerment. The Centre is consolidated and recognised in San Cristóbal de los Ángeles (Madrid) as a point of reference for families, children and young people from different origins and young people at risk of exclusion, to whom it offers the possibility of socio-professional and academic reintegration.

About Elliniko Vraveio Epicheirimatikotitas (ENVOLVE)

Envolve is a global organisation that supports entrepreneurship and innovation. Envolve Greece is part of Libra Social Responsibility, with initiatives offering educational and entrepreneurial opportunities, including support for RSL’s activities in response to the refugee crisis. Envolve is a member of the Ecosystex network (part of the European Technology Platform for the Future of Textiles and Clothing) and offers programmes that provide support for entrepreneurship and sustainable enterprises.

About Finnova

The Finnova Foundation is a Spanish-Belgian non-profit organisation created in 2009 with the aim of promoting innovation both regionally and locally across Europe, and internationally through partner countries. Finnova focuses particularly on innovation in the fields of new technologies or business models related to environmental sustainability and social inclusion.

The European project TEXTIL4ALL will offer training and job opportunities in the textile sector to women in Madrid and Thessaloniki.

Dressing with Conscience: The Intersection between Fashion and Sustainability