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    Fundación Mediapila, the argentine organisation that offers textile training to women in a situation of social exclusion

    Being a woman and being poor in Latin America is one of the most difficult scenarios one can face.  In Argentina, there is a non-profit organization that promotes the labour inclusion of women who live in this situation. Fundación Mediapila, for 15 years, has been dedicated to helping women from the most precarious socio-economic situations […] More

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    Fashion Forward: Can The Industry Get Greener?

    The fashion industry is responsible for 10 per cent of the planet’s carbon emissions. Yet there’s a glimmer of hope the industry is about to get a lot greener. If not by chance, then by design. “Textiles is one of the most polluting sectors there is,” womenswear manufacturer and environmentalist, Christopher Nieper, explains. “It’s worse […] More